Piano Beginner Group Classes (age 4-11)

Create memories and bond with your child through the fun of music making,

 in class and at home.

Music and movement help develop language skills and overall intellectual growth.


Your little one is a bundle of energy, full of ideas and action. It’s key to channel that nonstop zeal into something that can help them learn and grow.

Don't know which instrument to learn?

These piano beginner classes give your child the fundamental musical tools to succeed in learning any other instruments in the future. 


Student and you will learn:

  • Solfege Singing (do re mi)

  • Rhythmic Awareness

  • Piano Playing

  • Music Theory

  • Writing Music

  • Transposing

  • Improvisation

You will attend class with your child and share the excitement of discovering new ideas and learning new skills. Consistent music playtime within the family at home is the key to strengthen the bond and thrive in music together!


  • Class length: 45-50 minutes / week

  • Tuition: $90 / month (books and materials included)

  • Classes time:

  • Semester start: January 2020

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4 Steps to Music

                        Morning           Afternoon

age 4-6         Tue, 10am         Tue 5pm

age 6.5-7      Wed, 10am       Mon, 6:30pm

age 8-11       Thu, 10am