Piano Beginner Group Classes (age 4-6)

Heartwarming memories that you and your little one will treasure forever.

Why Learn Piano?

  • Helps Learn Math and Science

  • Improves Concentration

  • Refines Patience and Discipline

  • The Easiest Instrument to Learn Music Theory On

  • Builds foundations for other instruments

Why Group Classes?

  • Foster Friendships and Social Skills

  • Build Self-esteem and Confidence

  • Positive Peer Pressure

  • Band Experience

Why Parents and Children Together?

  • Children Look Up to Their Parents

  • Quality Time Together

  • Memories that Never Fade

  • Your Bucket List Checked

Learning to play the piano has many more advantages – the best of them being that your child acquires a coveted talent for life. So go ahead and sign up for those lessons. You will not regret it.

Class Details:

Length: 45-50 minutes / week

Price: $90 / month (books and materials included)

Time: Saturday 9:30am or Tuesdays 5pm

Start date: 8/4/2020