Piano Summer Camp (8-11 yr)

Great! Musicians are so cool! Are you ready to be one of them?

Create wonderful memories and bond with your child through the fun of music making - both in class and at home.

During this 4-day camp (45-min/class), you will attend class with your child and share the excitement of discovering new ideas and learning new skills through the following:

  • Ear Training - develop musical ears and pitch through singing 'do-re-mi'

  • Piano Geography - learn the patterns all over the keyboard

  • Note Reading - learn to read music score and create melodies

  • Ensemble - ensemble activities with classmates to enhance reading, rhythm, and listening skills

Camp Date and Time:​​​
  • July 22nd - 25th, (10am - 10:45am)


Tuition: $72 (books and materials included)


Free Piano Lesson

June 20th - July 11th