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Our mission is to make learning piano exciting for EVERYONE. Big or small, young or young at heart!
Piano Lessons Denton Hou Si Wong
Hou Si Wong, MT-BC
Board Certified Music Therapist and Piano Instructor

We believe EVERYONE can play the piano.



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Ms. Si has inspired a love of music in my child. While he is learning fundamentals of music, the instruction method makes learning feel more like play. He is willing to practice and playing the piano is a joyful experience for him. The whole brain/body approach to learning has helped him develop his skills and an layered understanding of music. Ms. Si is an excellent, knowledgeable teacher who works skillfully with my child's learning style and personality. I highly recommend Sunny Side Music.

Jepoy Pogi

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Ms Si is a great teacher. She is very patient and very knowledgeable. She knows how to encourage young kids like my daughter . She made sure that each student meets their goals. In addition for a parent like us with zero knowledge in piano, she let us sit with our kid for free which is a win situation for us. I would recommend Sunny Side Music Denton to everyone who wants to learn piano.

Jasson Paragas

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I went to Si because I saw her flyer and at the time I wanted to get into classical music. I had 6 previous years of learning songs on my own but I always doubted if I was doing anything correctly and it took forever to learn things. Though I eventually got a good grasp of the piano since luckily I already knew how to read music from playing the clarinet but bass clef was a challenge. Classical music is even more challenging so I wanted a teacher. Si taught me EVERYTHING, from finger techniques, using the weight in your fingers correctly, breathing, wrist movement, arm movement, how to practice, differnet ways to practice, patience, music theory, how to color your music, basically everything you need to succeed and progress as a pianist. I enjoyed learning from her and  everytime I went in for a lesson I was always learning something new as well as the music I played evolved and grew. I still use the techniques she's taught me even now as I learn new music and I'm super grateful because I can learn all types of songs. I've learned so much from her and now I'm slowly getting into advanced music and it's so much fun! She's an amazing teacher and definitely can help you with anything you need with piano, or even just music. If you have the time, reach out to her because I love the piano and it's never too late to start!

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