Open The Door to Music
Hou Si Wong, MT-BC
Board Certified Music Therapist and Piano Instructor
We believe EVERYONE can play the piano.


Swapna Gundlapally

My 6yr old son has been learning Piano from Miss Si for little over an year. Besides being an awesome teacher, she comes up with creative ways to grab kids attention and to keep them focused on her lessons. My son is progressing to my expectations and I highly recommend Miss Si to anyone and everyone.

PS: As an added bonus, she encourages me to sit in my son's classes and learn with him. Another bucket list checked!! :)

Sharon Betty

My teenage grandson has been taking lessons for several months from Sunnyside music. His instructor, Si, is knowledgeable, gifted pianist and is very patient. She allows him to self select the music he learns and then tailors each piece to his ability level. This challenges him and allows for success on the music he wants to learn. He has gained a lot of knowledge and has enjoyed her variety of teaching techniques. In addition, she has encouraged him to write and record his own composition. Si is passionate about piano and her enthusiasm and energy about the art is evident. My family could not be happier with this music studio.

Mariela Alvarez

Hou Si is an excellent instructor. She makes it very easy to learn piano, I learned my basic music knowledge from TCC, but left very unsatisfied since I didn't learn anything. I decided to give HouSi a shot and in less than 2 months I was able to play simple runs and feel the music. It was always my dream to learn piano and thanks to this teacher I was able to fulfill it.