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Hou Si Wong, MT-BC

Board Certified Music Therapist and Piano Instructor

Hello! I teach piano from beginner to advanced level. Age from grandkids to grandparents. I also teach students to write music and record their compositions with professional software so they can share their songs with everyone.


About my musical background. I have the Grade 8 certificate from ABRSM. I graduated as the most outstanding student in the music at Kilgore College. I performed piano concertos with the orchestra. I was invited to perform at honor recitals and fundraising events. I am also a board-certified music therapist and have worked with children and adults with special needs.


Besides classical piano, I like to rock n roll. I was a keyboardist in a band and my keyboard plays the piano, synth, bass, and all kinds of crazy sounds. Sometimes I sing too.


When I teach, my goal is to build my students’ confidence by focusing on their strengths and interest, turning the boring practice sessions into fun and exciting challenges. For that reason, I often write arrangements of my students' favorite songs at their level to teach them new concepts and skills. They are motivated to take on the challenges and level up as musicians.


Now, I want to invite you to this musical adventure.

Are you ready?


Let's go! :)

Arrangements and Performances
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