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Adult Piano Lessons

It takes a lot of trial and error when you don't really know how to begin. You can now, schedule a lesson whenever you need a helping hand.

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You've probably heard people say it's never too late to learn piano. While it is true, we believe adults can actually learn faster and have a lot of fun when using the right approach.​

Interest Driven

We create a lesson plan tailored to your interests. Whether you want to learn a song to play at a birthday party, a wedding, or as a leisure activity, we work with you to achieve those goals together. 

Save time

We break down songs into easy-to-understand patterns to speed up your learning process as well as to build your confidence in playing the piano. 


Besides traditional weekly lessons, we also offer adults a more flexible option, Piano Lessons On Demand. You schedule a lesson whenever you want one.

You should choose Piano Lessons on Demand if:

  • You have a busy schedule

  • You have a regularly changing schedule

  • You want to learn from YouTub by yourself and would like some pointers once in a while to make sure you are on the right track

Piano Lessons On Demand Details:​​

  • 45-min lessons

  • Schedule a lesson whenever you want one

  • $59 / lesson

Weekly Piano Lessons Details:​

  • Suitable for beginner to advanced students

  • Weekly 45-min lessons​​

Tuition and Installment Options:

  • Pay in full: $1950  (due September)

  • 2 installments: $975  (due September and February)

  • 10 installments: $195  (every month, September through June)

Check Availability

Please fill out the form below to check if we have openings that match your schedule.

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