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Beginner piano lessons group

Piano Beginner Programs


Research-based programs where we explore music concepts and learn to play the piano through songs, improvisation, and games. 

You will be joining the classes with your child and make music together as a team. Creating heartwarming memories that you and your child will treasure forever.

You should choose Piano Beginner Programs if:

  • Your child is 4.5 - 6 years old

  • You want to introduce your child to music

  • You want to build a strong musical foundation for your child

  • You want to bond with your child through fun activities

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Private Piano Lessons


Our lessons explore piano beyond classical music. We also include improvisation, composition, pop-style chord progressions, simple jazz & blues. We play games to teach musical concepts and playing techniques. After all, when we're having fun, we learn faster no matter what age we are! We amplify our students' strengths to help them thrive and become the unique musicians they are born to be.

You should choose Private Piano Lessons if:

  • Your child is 7 years old or older and is new to the piano

  • Your child has been learning piano for two years or more

  • Your child has graduated from our Piano Beginner Programs

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Adult Piano Lessons


Besides traditional weekly lessons, we also offer adults a more flexible option, Piano Lessons On Demand. You schedule a lesson whenever you want one.


You've probably heard people say it's never too late to learn piano. While it is true, we believe adults can actually learn faster and have a lot of fun when using the right approach.​ Whether you want to learn a song to play at a birthday party, a wedding, or as a leisure activity, we work with you to achieve those goals together.

Learn more about Adult Piano Lessons 

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