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Private Piano Lessons
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Well-rounded lessons

Our lessons explore piano beyond classical music, we also include some less commonly taught aspects of the piano such as:

  • Improvisation

  • Composition

  • Pop-style chord progressions

  • Simple jazz & blues

Focus on strengths

Our fun and engaging lessons are customs made to amplify our students' strengths. They acquire advanced techniques while learning the songs they love.  We help them thrive and become the unique musicians they are born to be.

Enjoy the process

We play games to teach musical concepts and playing techniques. Songs are broken down into easy-to-understand patterns to build students' confidence as well as curiosity in playing the piano. After all, when we're having fun, we learn faster no matter what age we are!

We recommend beginner students age 4.5 - 6 start with our Piano Beginner Program. Students age 7 and older will start with Solo Piano Lessons

Solo Piano Lessons Details:​

  • Suitable for beginner to advanced students

  • Weekly 45-min lessons

Tuition and Installment Options:

  • Pay in full: $1950  (due September)

  • 2 installments: $975  (due September and February)

  • 10 installments: $195  (every month, September through June)

Solo Lessons

Performance Opportunities

Sunny Side Music Denton hosts an End of Year Recital every year. All students are invited to perform in. The event is a positive and nurturing environment where students can build their performance skills, confidence, and be part of a supportive piano community.


All students at Sunny Side Music Denton are welcome to take piano exams. Exams can be a great motivator for some, but they're not for everyone. We never push our students to do an exam if it's not something they are interested in. Exams should always be a positive and rewarding experience, not something to be anxious about.

Piano Practice

Part of learning to play the piano is daily practice. The student will need guardian's help in scheduling and establishing a practice habit. Parents are always welcome to learn alongside the student, it doesn't matter if you can read music or not. You can inspire your child just by showing interest in their learning and be actively involved.


For more information on how to help your child practice, check out the Parents Guide to Piano Practice.

Piano students need at least a touch-sensitive keyboard to practice on. You can check out our How To Choose A Piano For Home Practice Guide.

Check Availability

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