Adult Beginner Piano Group Classes

Let's set a good example for the little ones!

People say kids learn faster than adults. Not true!


Adults comprehend complicated concepts much faster and have the self-discipline to practice.


You can totally learn piano from watching Youtube videos. However, the lack of guidance and structure can be discouraging if you are a beginner.


This Beginner Piano Classes for Adult is well structured so you learn the fundamental concepts step by step to strengthen your confidence in playing the piano. At the same time, learning with friends is way more fun than doing it alone. You will be also setting a good example for the little ones.

You will learn:

  • Solfege Singing (do re mi .... )

  • Rhythmic Awareness

  • Piano Playing

  • Music Theory

  • Writing Music

  • Transposing

  • Improvisation


  • August Classes Date: Tuesday 7pm or Fridays, 11am

  • Tuition: $90 /month

  • Books and materials included