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Musical Equipment

We gathered a list of equipment with the highest quality at the most affordable price. It helps you to get started in a blink.

This page contains affiliate links. Buying from these links does not cost you anything, but I do receive a small commission. 

Sustain Pedal.png

Sustain Pedal

Classic-style sustain pedal for use with any electronic keyboard. Designed to work and feel just like acoustic piano’s sustain pedal

Midi Cable.jpg

MIDI Cable

Connect your keyboard to your computer to record your songs.

USB Microphone

This plug and go USB microphone records high-quality audio for any instrument especially vocal.

Pop Filter

If you are recording vocal, you need a pop filter to make sure your recorded audio is clear without "b" and "p" overpowering everything.

All-In-One Bundle (Recommended)

While a mic and a pop filter is the bare minimum for recording, this bundle includes an arm stand, shock mount, and a detachable USB to make sure you have everything you needed to start recording your song like a pro!

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