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Piano Summer Camp 2019

Want to learn piano this summer? Let's start here together!

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Sunny Side Music specializes in group piano musician programs for young students and their families. Individual piano lessons are tailored to the needs and interests of students of all ages. We also had positive results with students with special needs.

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Foundational Group Music Programs

Beginners age 3 to 11

Harmony Road Music Courses are widely used internationally.


These keyboard-based group music programs foster the bond between students and their families.

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Individual Piano Lessons

Fun and Challenging

Students advance to individual lessons after the 2-year-long group music program.

Adult lessons are available.

Adaptive Music Lessons

An Exceptional Learning Experience

Lesson materials and techniques are modified especially for students with special needs.

Reading Braille

Why choose us?

Sunny Side Music provides complete foundational learning, focusing on musical awareness, understanding, and musicianship.

Well balanced of ear training, movement, solfege singing, keyboard playing, rhythmic activities and creative projects.

Our program offers a different approach than “traditional” private or group lessons. Many students with previous musical experience find our classes to be a wonderful complement to their individual studies.

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