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Step 1

Get your piano setup - if you don't already have a piano. There are 3 options:

Option 1: Piano app on a phone or tablet (free):

  • iOS, download HERE, and you are set.

  • Android download HERE,​ and follow the steps below.

choose Keyboard to open

Tap this at the right top corner

Choose Disable

Option 2: Borrow a piano from us (free).:

  • You can borrow a foldable piano from us with a $50 refundable deposit. Return it within 21 days for a full refund

  • We can arrange a no-contact pickup through email or phone, limited availability

Option 3: Invest in a piano:

  • This PIANO GUIDE explains what features to look for when getting a piano and our recommendations

  • Check out Facebook Marketplace for good deals on a used piano

Colored pencils or crayons

A homemade instrument with things you already have

  • a drum can be an upside-down container, cup, box​, empty can, or chair

  • something to hit it with, for example, a spatula, chopstick or pen​

Step 3


Download ZOOM and install. Choose Zoom Client for Meetings. We recommend using a tablet or computer for the best experience.

Step 4

Get Excited!


Can't wait to start? You can start singing and dance along with the songs HERE.

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