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Piano Summer Camp (4-6 yr)

Kids at this age are full of energy and creative ideas!

Create wonderful memories and bond with your child through the fun of music making - both in class and at home.


During this 4-day camp (45-min/class), your teacher will guide you and your child through a variety of musical activities. Together you will experience and explore musical concepts, make new friends, enjoy being a part of a musical team, and develop new skills.

You and your child will explore:

  • Keyboard geography: black keys and white keys, high and low, and pitch tracking all over the keyboard

  • Pitch and notes through singing 'do-re-mi' and movement

  • Rhythmic patterns through movement, body rhythms, and playing percussion instruments​​

Camp Date:​​
  • July 15th - 18th, (6pm - 6:45pm)

  • July 22nd - 25th, (11:30am - 12:15pm)


Tuition: $72 (books and materials included)


Free Piano Lesson

June 20th - July 11th
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